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Effective Technology Strategies for a Post-COVID World

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As restaurant and hospitality venues begin to re-open following the global pandemic, there are several technologies available today to assist in increasing consumer confidence when entering your establishment. While many of these technologies have been around for some time, they are enjoying increased attention and popularity as the world around us adapts to this new reality. The overall efficacy and impact of these products have been dramatically increased when combined and deployed in a holistic manner, despite the fact that many would have you believe their product is the single “magic bullet” consumers want and need.


• Understand the nature of the illness, its communicability, and the public’s perception surrounding it

• Understand the mechanisms leveraged by candidate solutions, the benefits associated with a synergistic deployment model, and how they directly serve to reduce risk of disease communicability, decrease cost, and increase revenue

• Understand public perception of these technologies, and ensure company efforts are in alignment with consumer sentiments

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